Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography includes literature on school-based teaching and learning in pre-service teacher education particularly focusing on science education.

The annotated bibliography was constructed following an internet search of journals, websites and books using the Deakin university Library search engine.

Some the key terms (or derivatives of these terms) used in this search were:

  • partnerships,
  • efficacy,
  • science teaching,
  • reflection,
  • pre-service teaching,
  • education,
  • collaboration and,
  • Australia.

The document is arranged into themes. These themes serve the purpose of the literature search, but also as categories for the analysis of data generated by the project.

The themes are:

  • Theory and Practice
  • Partnerships
  • Reflection
  • Confidence and Identity
  • Science teaching/Science education
  • Placement
  • Feedback on the model